The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Love To See

Yesterday the primary had an activity at the temple. The kids got to go inside and sing a few primary songs and hear a little about the temple. It was a beautiful experience and I was so pleased with the Spirit that they felt and the way that they behaved. Thanks to Lisa for the beautiful pictures she took. I really do love the temple and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to teach my children on-site about the important and sacred covenants that we make with the Lord and His promises to us when we keep those covenants. There were also a couple of brides there which got my daughter very very excited and she told me she wants her girls dressed in purple.


Kinzie Sue said...

What a great opportunity for you and your children. We went on Wednesday with my grandparents and Kiera got really happy when I told her that it was Heavenly Father and Jesus' home. Beautiful picture of your kiddos!

Jamie said...

what a beautiful picture! sounds like such a lovely experience. i need to take my little sadie there sometime soon!

Alyss Paige said...

Such a beautiful little family...we sure missed you and the kiddos at family reunion, we love you guys and hope to see you soon.

The Ovesons said...

Awesome activity!! That is so great and they all look so cute!!

The Pangans said...

How awsome for you guys to be able to do such a great Primary activity! Your kids are so adorable, and what a precious picture.
BTW, you won my challenge, so let me know what color you wear most, and I'll make ya a necklace. Email me with an address, too.

jackson said...

Such a beautiful family Toni.
I'll say it again! I think I have the cutest grandkids I've ever seen!
I really mean that
Gramma Horse

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! I found your blog from a comment you made at PW. Nice to "meet" you.
Jessie at Blog Schmog

Heath 'n Jeri said...

What a fun activity! They look like angels, that must be a good photographer. :) Ok, I know they really are angels, well maybe not Kabe. Ok, Ok, Ok, Kabe is an angel too! Love ya