The Petersen Herd

The Petersen Herd

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey Puddin'

This week our unit was on rainbows in honor of Ksenya's birthday! We studied the color wheel and mixing colors, we made rainbows in water glasses and sprinklers and read books about rainbows.
We also did a little pudding painting, one of the very cheapest and most creative art projects we've had to date. I bought 3 snack packs of pudding in red, yellow and blue (actually it was green and we added a little blue coloring).
I let them make the entire kitchen table their canvas and they went to town mixing colors and checking in on their color wheels for a reference. They also had a lot of fun with texturing and using all of their fingers to make different patterns.
Some of us were very meticulous and some of us weren't but it all ended in the same way - brown brown brown.
It was also a lovely lesson in why we don't eat this particular kind of pudding . . . it looks down-right toxic doesn't it???
Fun, messy learning is our favorite kind and we enjoyed studying rainbows and all the wonderful artsy fartsy things that it entailed.
So - the next time you want to make a mess that's easy to clean up and a whole lot of inexpensive fun, buy some pudding - you won't regret it!
I love my little artists!


Heath 'n Jeri said...

EWWWW! I'm glad that they had a wonderfully, messy time, but it looks gross. :)

Sarah Ball said...

cute posts! thanks for the update! I love seeing pics of the kids.. eventhough I swear they get bigger and bigger every time you post! Love you guys!

Melanie said...

I love pudding, I love art projects and I LOVE those cute kids!!!

Jason and Michele said...

I'm SO doing this! Thanks for the idea!

Wishful Thinking said...

You are such a creative Mom!!! I love hearing about all of the lessons you plan, inspiring! I also love that you do a little post for each of your kids, how special is that to them.

Anonymous said...

Look at those cute kiddos digging in--they are so focused on their art! Ah, the carefree creativity of childhood summer days...